Mon Don's on-campus athletic fields are located in the eastern and southeastern parts of the school grounds.  The football field is directly east of the school itself; bleachers are on either side of it, and a press box is on its west side.  Surrounding the football field is a track, where gym students typically jog at the beginning of outdoor classes, or run a mile for the physical fitness test.  South of the football field is the former baseball field, which did not have an outfield fence for many years.  A blue fence was later added.  The baseball field's dimensions were quite unusual; while the distance was approximately 305 feet from home plate to right field and left field, it was under 300 feet to much of center field, because private property jutted out into center field.  The new, off-campus baseball field was dedicated on April 13, 2013.  The on-campus athletic fields are traditionally the site of the grade school's annual Field Day in the spring.


The football field and track.